Elite Craftsmanship: Lireton IBuds, Tailored Exclusively for You

Each IBuds order is a bespoke masterpiece, intricately designed with your lifestyle embedded, resonating a personalized touch of luxury. Experience the epitome of individuality and sophistication as Lireton IBUDS PRO becomes an extension of your unique identity. Elevate your auditory senses with iBUDS PRO, an auditory masterpiece designed to resonate with the essence of your favorite artists. Wherever your elite journey takes you.


Luxurious Comfort

Experience unparalleled luxury with the Lireton IBuds earbuds, meticulously crafted for comfort that seamlessly adapts to every ear. Their ergonomic design ensures a custom fit, embracing your ears with a plush sensation that transcends the ordinary. Indulge in the epitome of luxury as these earbuds redefine comfort, enveloping you in a world of refined audio while effortlessly complementing your discerning style.


Undisturbed Audio Bliss

Immerse yourself in pure audio bliss with Lireton IBuds featuring cutting-edge ANC (Active Noise Cancellation). From lively parties to serene lounges and the bustling outdoors, experience uninterrupted audio perfection as IBuds automatically eliminates surrounding noise, ensuring a cocoon of crystal-clear sound tailored to your preference.


Waterproof Symphony

A pinnacle of sophistication with cutting-edge waterproof technology. Unleash your music in any element, as these earbuds seamlessly blend luxury and resilience, ensuring your sound journey remains as pristine as your style, rain or shine.


Elegantly Shielded from Dust

Embrace pure luxury with Lireton IBuds, adorned with advanced dust-proof technology. These earbuds not only elevate your audio experience but also ensure a pristine, opulent performance by seamlessly repelling dust. Immerse yourself in an exquisite symphony, untouched by the elements, as IBuds redefine sophistication in every note.


Dynamic Luxury Speaker

Indulge in audio opulence with Lireton IBuds, featuring a lavish 13mm Dynamic Luxury Speaker. Immerse yourself in the sublime clarity of AAC/SBC clear treble and experience perfectly balanced three-frequency adjustment. Let the most potent sound and bass elevate your auditory senses, setting a new standard for the pinnacle of luxury soundscapes.


iBuds Tips

Experience bespoke comfort with Lireton IBuds, offering a collection of up to 4 opulent earbud tips in varying sizes – from small to large. Elevate your auditory indulgence as these meticulously crafted tips ensure a perfect fit for every ear, merging luxury with personalized comfort for an unparalleled listening experience.


Control iBUDS With Sensors

  • Music Mode

    • Play/Pause:- Single Tap
    • Active Siri:- Triple Tap
  • Call Mode

    • Answer/Hang Up:- Single Tap
    • Reject a Call:- Long Press 2s
  • Play Mode

    • Last Song:- Double Tap Left iBuds
    • Next Song:- Double Tap Right iBuds